Mission Statement

The American Friends Service Committee is concerned with the world as it is and as it ought to be. Fundamental beliefs in the individual - seeing the Divine in each person - and in the need for peace and justice guide our activities. AFSC is dedicated to nonviolence: opposing both the overt violence of war and the covert violence that erodes the human spirit through deprivation and indifference.

The Vermont AFSC program seeks to increase the capacities of communities for peace building, social and economic justice. Program work includes:

  • Opposition to reinstitution of the death penalty in Vermont;
  • Working for a livable wage for all Vermont workers;
  • Promoting civil and human rights for all Vermonters;
  • Organizing to promote budget priorities of the US government which address human needs and environmental protection;
  • Countering the growing militarization of American society;
  • Working for the abolition of nuclear weapons;
  • Organizing for economic globalization based on fair trade;
  • Developing teen leadership, team building, communication, organizing and conflict resolution skills.

See AFSCVT 3-Year Plan